Why choose IC Pump Station?

The IC PUMP Station is a water pump control that keeps your pump from burning out and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs!

The beauty of IC Pump Station is not only is simplicity, but also its flexibility. Wherever you have a need for fluid pump control, IC Pump Station will affordably meet your needs and expectations. A sampling of applications currently using IC Pump Station include: Agriculture, Residential, Golf Courses, Private and Public Water Systems, and Commercial and Industrial applications.


Your crops rely on consistent, reliable irrigation. IC Pump Station manages your pump system, maintaining the functionality of your pump, protecting your pump from damage by dry-runs, and allowing you to set your system for automatic function in just a few simple push-button steps.


Our system is currently being tested for Chemigation by a major US food producer. Keep checking back for the results of those tests.

Clients purchasing our system for Agriculture applications include:

Wherever you need fluid pumping, IC Pump Station can manage your pump needs. Contact us today or view our catalog online to determine the best IC Pump Station variation for your commercial pump needs.

Clients purchasing our system for commercial or industrial applications include:

IC Pump Station will efficiently and reliably maintain the flow of water for your water district patrons — whether you are a small, privately held system, or a larger municipal system. IC Pump Station will allow your technicians to easily program pump functionality, for a fraction of the cost of larger, more complex systems. Customize your IC Pump Station from our catalog to fit the needs of your water system.

Clients purchasing our system for water system applications include:

Whether you are putting in a new course, or upgrading an old pump system, IC Pump System is your best option. Affordable and reliable, IC Pump Station will protect your pump by managing functionality, and protect your greens with a consistent, reliable supply of water. IC Pump Station will manage your water pump functionality, regardless of whether you are drawing water from a municipal water system, private well, or irrigation pond..

Clients purchasing our system for recreational applications include:

Residential Applications

You should be able to turn on your faucet to expect a steady flow of water, with good pressure, regardless of the elevation difference between your home and its main water source. IC Pump Station has proven effective in providing pump control for residential areas which face elevation challenges, such as Carmel Valley, CA. IC Pump Station effectively and efficiently manages water pressure, regardless of the elevation difference between your home and the water source.

In today’s climate, many homes in arid climates face yearly threats from forest and wild fires. If you use water from a pond or swimming pool for fire control, you need a reliable water source. IC Pump Station can be set to help manage and maintain adequate water flow for fire protection when needed. Your home is your investment, your future. Protect your investment and your equity with IC Pump Station.