Total Pump pressure control, Safety Shutoffs and Floatless tank fill.

That’s the IC Pump Station, designed by P2Flow LLC. Four simple touch control buttons. No confusing manuals. No tangled wires. The IC Pump Station control unit uses advanced technology to eliminate pump panels, phase converters, soft starts, “pump savers”, pressure regulating valves, float valves and costly radio control and telemetry equipment.

Why choose IC Pump Station?

In IC Pump Station, you will find all of the fluid pump control function you need in one simple, afforable unit, at a fraction of the cost of elaborate, hand-built pump control systems. IC Pump Station routinely replaces water pump control systems costing $20,000.00 or more while providing great reliability and ease of use.

We offer both on-off and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) models and a “hybrid” model that provides both on-off and VFD functions. VFD (variable speed) water pumping is exciting new technology that uses the speed of the pump motor to maintain the desired pressure and rate of flow that eliminates pump panels, phase converters, soft starts, “pump savers” and pressure regulating valves. The IC Pump Station control unit can also monitor motor current (amperage) to detect a no or low flow condition such as and stop the pump to allow the well to recharge. It will restart the pump after a time delay to get the maximum water out of marginal wells without pump damage.

On-off IC Pump Station models are electronic pressure switches with fully adjustable low pressure on and high pressure off settings and can be used as a “smart” replacement for Mercoid switches. In fact the IC Pump Station control unit is so accuate it can be used as a “floatless tank fill”. The IC Pump Station control maintains the correct tank storage water level even if the tank is located a long distance away. This is done by sensing the pressure in the pipe going up to an elevated tank. The higher the pressure the higher the water level and the operator can adjust the pump on and off levels to suit their particular installation. Time delays insure stable stable operation.

The IC Pump Station control can also be used with a compressed air source to determine the water level in a below-ground tank installation or a “dip tube” installation in a drilled well. The concept is simple: The higher the air pressure in the sense tube the higher the water level. The IC Pump Station control can then be adjusted to turn on and off at the right times for proper pump operation.

Safety shutoffs are also included. Most pump systems are ruined rather than wearing out. A water pump needs a certain amount of water flow to lubricate the seal. Without that lubrication, your pump will sieze up, resulting in a costly repair or replacement. IC Pump Station prevents “run dry” break down as a minimum pressure must be maintained for 30 seconds continuously or the pump will shut off. Time delays are implemented for stable pump operation. If the IC Pump Station control unit prevents even one pump breakdown it will have paid for itself many times over.

P2 Flow Founder & History

Brit StorksonP2FlowLLC was founded by Britt Storkson more than 20 years ago. A Horticulturist by education, Britt extensively researched water pump controls to create the IC Pump Station control unit. That combined with dramatic improvements in the electronics used to make these controls resulted in a reliable, easy to use water pump control unit.

Britt’s vision for the IC Pump Station began when he realized that most pumps are ruined by an interruption in appropriate water flow, rather than simply wearing out. A water pump that runs dry will result in damage to the pump seal. The result is a leaky pump that will either need a costly repair or complete replacement.