Why choose A P2FLOW Pump CONTROLler? 

The IC PUMP Station is a water pump control that provides a wide variety of control functions.Water pump controls, pump controllers, Tank level controls, off grid pump controls, generator driven pump controls

The IC Pump Station control unit simply and cost-effectively provides all of the control functions your pump will ever need. We provide on and off delays as well as minimum on and off timers for stable operation. The IC Pump Station control unit also compiles and stores critical pump information such as “on hours” (hour meter) and on/off cycles (cycle counter) to track the number of pump start/stop cycles

Our tank level control maintains your tank fill levels without any components in the tank itself.

The concept is simple:  The higher the “column” of water the higher the pressure at the bottom of the column.  We utilize “basic physics” to make our “floatless tank fill” control unit.  The user sets the low pressure level that the pump should start at to fill the tank and the high pressure level where the tank fill should stop.   While the low pressure turn on level is predictable the high level turn off is not because of the inertia and turbulence of the water.  However the amount of pressure rise when the pump is on is repeatable and the turn off point can easily be determined by observing the pump operation.  The advantages are many: 

  • Simple to install and use. We use intelligent design instead of numerous parts and pieces to build our control units. 
  • Only standard, off-the-shelf components are used wherever possible. Example:  All of our switch outputs are automotive relays that work just as well for your car as for your pump.  Replacements can be purchased at most any auto parts store.
  • Reliable: All of the control components can be located in the pump house out of the weather.  Nothing needs to be in the tank itself.

The off grid generator pump control will activate your generator prior to starting the pump.

Our generator pump control start feature for off-grid installations will, when the system pressure drops below the adjustable start-up pressure, first start and run the generator for a time (adjustable from 1-240 seconds) before starting the pump.  The pump and generator will both stop when the adjustable high pressure off level has been exceeded. 

All models have safety shut off’s that will prevent any pump damage that keeps your pump from failing, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs!

A minimum pressure must be maintained at all times or the pump will shut off on safety and must be manually reset by turning the unit off, then back on again.  This prevents pump damage due to low or no water.  High pressure safety shutoffs are provided as well.  Both low and high pressure safety shutoffs can be disabled if desired.  Optionally an output relay can be added that closes when the pump has gone into safety shutoff to alert the users before the system completely runs out of water.

Features and benefits of the IC Pumpstation on-off models:

  • Simple and easy to use. Only four (4) buttons are used to program any function.
  • No confusing manuals
  • Costs far less than comparable water pump control systems.
  • All adjustments are stored in non-volatile memory and a back-up battery is never needed. 
  • We have a variety of models to fit your needs

New Anti-cavitation feature. No more pump cavitation…ever!

Water pump controls, pump controllers, Tank level controls, off grid pump controls, generator driven pump controls

The IC Pump Station control unit Model 30, when used with a Variable Frequency Drive, will not allow the pump to cavitate…Even if the pump intake is fully plugged!

It’s simple and reliable.  How do we do it? Using a form of AI (artificial intelligence) the IC Pump Station control unit provides “learn” mode that, when selected, compiles data about pump operation when it’s working correctly and  stores it in memory. When the “learn” mode is off this stored data is constantly compared with the current pump operation data and if there is a significant variance the pump motor is slowed or even stopped before cavitation can occur.

Features and benefits of the IC Pumpstation Anti-Cavitation:

  • No more cavitation…Ever.  Even if the pump intake is fully plugged!  It does this without flow meters or motor amperage probes
  • Flow is reduced to match ability of the pump intake to pass water.  If the full flow intake water is restored pump will resume normal (pressure and flow) operation.
  • Energy saving.  Cavitation makes the pump very inefficient.  No cavitation means the pump will run at peak efficiency at all times.
  • The IC Pump Station control unit can also sense the plugging of filters and can be used to trigger a flush cycle complete with timers and flush cycle counters.

The standard IC Pump Station control functions are also provided…

  • Low and high pressure safety shutoffs.
  • Hour meters
  • Cycle counters

Water pump controls, pump controllers, Tank level controls, off grid pump controls, generator driven pump controls